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Workshop › 2nd University of Edinburgh IoT Research Workshop
University of Edinburgh IoT Research Workshop
Connecting things, connecting people Read More ›

Team Flow invited to the Pycom Hackathon
Edinburgh students visit Eindhoven Read More ›

2017 IoT Challenge
Hacking with LoPy Devices Read More ›

Hackathon › IoT Challenge: Festival of Creative Learning
IoT Workshop in Nairobi
LoRaWAN Doing-It-Together Read More ›

Workshop › IoT LoPy Workshop
Second LoPy Workshop
Hands-on IoT Communication with LoRa Read More ›

Colliding with IoT in the City
Hacking community ideas for the Internet of Things Read More ›

Collider › Internet of Things in the City
Our first LoPy Workshop
Programming IoT Devices with MicroPython Read More ›

Seminar › LoRa, Sigfox and LTE-M: How do they compare?
Workshop › Programming an IoT Device in MicroPython
Meetup › IOT//EDI (IoT + Blockchain)
Seminar › What you can do with LoRaWAN